Dental Jewelry

Today the people are becoming more and more conscious about their smile and appearance. More than to achieve the desired aesthetic effect as in traditional cosmetic dentistry, dental jewelry is for those who want to make a fashion statement and to attract more attention. These dental jewelry items are temporary and do not involve any prior particular treatment to the teeth for placing them.

Worn over the tooth front, dental jewelry is also known as grills. Earlier the grills were made of metals like gold and titanium and were very costly. Generally they are removable ones, but some maybe permanently attached to the teeth. However, since placing of earlier grills involved reshaping of the tooth they could not be moved easily and the bacteria that get trapped in them could result in infection, cavities, gum diseases etc. Today’s dental jewelry is made from custom dental moulds for each patient.

The different types of tooth jewelry available with us are:

  • Tooth gems which are crystals of glass placed on an aluminium foil to give a sparkling smile and are available in different colors.

  • Twinkles which are precious stones of diamond, sapphires etc which are attached to the teeth with composite resin cement.

  • Tooth tattoos of all possible designs which are carved on a porcelain crown that are worn over the teeth.

The new age tooth jewelry is easily removable, and gives a sparkling and attractive smile. They do not cause any infection or pain when attached to the teeth. They do not cause any oral health problems and hence are more users friendly.