Enamel Shaping

This involves recontouring of the enamel of the teeth in case where very fine adjustments are needed. The process also known as enameloplasty is usually combined with bonding and provides a more quick and easy way to make your smile an attractive one. Here small amount of the enamel is removed to affect chnges in length, shape , size ant the surface contours of the teeth.

As in contrast with other cosmetic treatments, enamel shaping provides relatively inexpensive and quick solutions to common problems such as:

  • Alignment of uneven front teeth

  • The teeth that appear too long can be shortened to adjust your smile

  • Adjust the teeth contour so that it follows the contour of lower lip while smiling

  • To correct overlapping and overcrowding of teeth

  • Small chips, pointed ends, surface flaws etc can be corrected to prevent accumulation of plaque.

Here, the same set of tools that are used for routine cleaning procedure are used, except the objective is to remove a bit of the enamel so as to give the teeth a new look and improve your smile. Usually it is followed by bonding to seal of minor holes and gaps present and are polished later.

The removal of enamel is an irreversible process the enamel is the hardest substance in our body. It protects the teeth from decay and act as a barrier to protect the inner layers. But once it is destroyed it cannot be regenerated. Hence, careful diagnosis is required before opting for enamel reshaping.