Laser Dentistry

The laser produces an intense and unidirectional beam of light, which can be used to remove or reshape a tissue. Mostly dental lasers are used for various purposes like removal of overgrown gum tissues, treat infections in root canals etc. Laser is more precise and eliminates the need for drills. Laser surgeries can control the bleeding while surgery, require less healing time as compared to other contemporary methods.

Laser dentistry has some cosmetic aspects too such as:

  • Laser teeth whitening is becoming more and more common these days although it is costlier than average teeth whitening procedures. Used in combination with bleaching laser treatment quickens up the process. The bleaching agent is applied on the teeth and when activated with laser which acts as a heat source it multiplies the effect of the bleaching agent.

  • Lasers can be used to correct gummy smiles by removing or reshaping the excess gum tissues. This involves gum depigmentation and gum contouring.

Using dental lasers for cosmetic purposes is an entirely different approach from conventional ones as it is bloodless procedure and takes the least time to heal as well. Although laser treatment is a costly affair, the impact is almost immediately noticeable.