Smile Correction

More often, it is your smile that radiates off your confidence and attracts people towards you. Smile corrections can be done in patients with cosmetic concerns. Smile correction as the name suggests, are done for cosmetic concerns. Normally the first stage corresponds to the realignment and straightening of the teeth using braces. It is then followed by whitening of the teeth accordingly. However in most cases what makes the smile unpleasant is the over exposure of the gum tissue while smiling.

Here by using a laser, the excess gum tissue is removed so that more portion of the enamel becomes exposed now. Special care is taken so as to prevent exposure of the roots of the teeth. The ultimate factor that decides the final outcome is the basic shape and sizes of the teeth itself. The procedure is complete in a single visit itself.

Sometimes complex surgical techniques like upper lip lengthening, crown lengthening etc are required for more severe and complicated cases where realignment of the inner tissues and bones are necessary. The result of smile correction is immediately visible and it reflects in your personality too.


For straightening teeth, the invisalign technique is the most sought after one. Here for each patient, a set of aligners is designed and manufactured to impart maximum comfort to the patient. Over time, wearing these customized aligners slowly cause the teeth to shift to their position.

The basic functioning is just the same as that of the traditional metal braces but with a different outlook. These customized aligner trays of plastic move comfortably around your teeth making them suitable for daily use. Unlike braces, there are no issues regarding while brushing, eating etc. These trays are to be replaced twice every month and this goes on till all the teeth are properly aligned.

Invisalign clear aligners straighten your teeth while remaining virtually invisible. One of the first concerns with those considering Invisalign is its cost. But Invisalign these days has become more affordable than you think. The total cost of treatment depends on individual requirements and level of treatments. But this price is almost at par with that of inconvenient, bulky traditional wired braces; which makes invisalign the clear winner by a long way.