Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening by far still remains the most sought after technique in cosmetic dentistry and the number of requests are increasing every year. Basically it involves whitening by natural bleaching methods and by cleaning out the swabs and stains present on the teeth. Anybody with permanent teeth can opt for teeth whitening if he or she feels to do so. Your dentist will examine your teeth first and determine which type of whitening is best suited for you.

Depending upon the diagnosis, the most common methods employed are

  • In normal cases, loss of color of teeth may be due to external staining of the teeth caused by food, tobacco, the caffeine present in coffee etc. And this can be cleaned away by professional cleaning by a dentist and restores your smile back. More often it is recommended to have your teeth cleaned every six months.

  • By using whitening toothpaste that removes most of the coated surface stains.

  • Use of whitening gel or strips. These are basically hydrogen peroxide gels which can be applied by using a pen or as strips.

  • Bleaching is prescribed in cases where the stain persists even after cleaning and for yellow teeth. Bleaching can be either done in office, at home or through various bleaching products available in the market. However bleaching is not advised for those who have had dental problems before. So it is best to consult your dentist to decide.

  • By using veneers and bonding so as to cover up the stains present in the gaps between the teeth that could not be cleaned.