In case of failure of a root canal treatment, that is the only situation when the surgical procedure called apicectomy comes into play. The majority of failed non surgical root canals are caused by problems near the tip (apex) of the root.

If the root canal complications are so acute that re-treatment will not be successful, an apicoectomy is the only solution. Apicoectomy is mostly done to avoid the extraction of the tooth.

An apicoectomy becomes necessary when:

  • An unclean root canal blocked by a fractured file that can not be removed.

  • If the roots of the tooth are cracked or fractured.

  • A badly curved root canal obstructing endodontic files from reaching the root tip.

  • Several small branches at the sides of the root canal that can not be cleaned and sealed.

  • Healing after a root canal treatment is obstructed by some other means.

  • In case of peri-apical pathology which cannot be completely treated only by root canal.