Laser root canal

Laser root canal therapy uses a parallel beam of intense light to clean out root canals. Laser therapy melts or burns away the debris consisting of bacteria and infection, and cleans the root more thoroughly than traditional treatments. Laser dentistry can remove your infection with less time and pain than a conventional root canal.

We offer the laser root canal therapy using the LASER, which is approved by the FDA.

By laser technology, almost all the possible side effects from the root canal procedure are eliminated. There's no need to worry about files breaking off or getting stuck in the canal. The amount of bleeding during treatment and inflammation are reduced by using a laser. Post-operative problems of traditional root canals are practically eliminated.

Re-root canal therapy

Normally re-root canal treatment is required in case of failure of a root canal that has already been done.

A repeat root canal treatment is much more complicated and tedious than the first one. The crown is to be removed first, post and core, and filling material before doing the second root canal. For instance it may be too risky to remove a post and core. The tooth may be injured if the post is cemented or set very tightly in the process.

When a root canal treatment has to be repeated it is usually done by an endodontic specialist. Under normal circumstances, this is the case if there has been a procedural error, or part of a dental file is left in the tooth or if the tooth has a post.

Endodontic or root canal retreatment can is much more technically challenging than initial treatment. They are carried out by root canal specialists, “endodontists”, with specialized training in the diagnosis and treatment of root canal problems. Modern endodontic procedures are performed with the use of endoscopes to allow the proper degree of precision and sophistication needed to ensure success.