Bloodless laser surgeries

For soft tissue treatments, the ideal tools are the dental lasers. Precise and bloodless surgical procedures are also pain free due to the coagulation effect caused by the interaction of laser and the tissues. The laser itself acts as the cutting tool in surgeries eliminating the need for dental drills. Post operative complications like bleeding, pain, infection etc are also avoided.

The most common laser used in oral surgery is the carbon dioxide or CO2 laser. As the laser cuts through the tissues, it seals off the tiny blood vessels and nerve endings in the vicinity. Hence the surgery is virtually pain free and bloodless. Other types of lasers are diode lasers, Nd-Yg lasers etc which are used for cutting soft tissues. The other common type is the erbium laser which can through hard tissues like teeth and bones as well.

Lasers are used mainly in biopsy to remove cancerous cells and tissues and removal of ablations so as to ensure that the cells are not cancerous. Fibroma is the most common form of cancer in oral cavity. It is simply a mass of connective tissue just like a scar tissue with a diameter of 1-2 cm and interferes with daily functioning. They become traumatic when the patient consistently disturbs the infected area by biting etc or chronic irritation produced by the result of dentures and other appliances. They can occur on the sides of the tongue, cheek and the insides of the lips, gums etc. A fibroma can to be removed through surgery only. The area is made numb by using local anesthesia and the fibroma is removed with laser. A biopsy is later performed to ensure the elimination of cancerous cells. The procedure takes only 15 minutes and it heals within a week.

Lasers are also used for the treatment of mucous cysts. They are painless thin sacs of clear liquid formed on the inner side of the lips. Normally they are harmless and disappear gradually; however, if left untreated they solidify and form permanent bumps on the lips. When the cysts are formed on the floor of the mouth that condition is called ranula and when they are on the gums it is called epulis. They are mainly caused when the lip membranes are sucked between the teeth or around the dental jewelry and piercings which are inserted. Sometimes the cysts developed may become chronic or recur again and will have to be surgically removed by using a laser. In case of recurrence the adjacent salivary gland will have to be moved or excised using a laser.

Besides, lasers are widely used for treatments like snoring treatments, exposing of the dental implants etc. The problems associated with conventional surgical procedures are less likely to occur with lasers. Proper diagnosis is required before opting for a laser surgery as it maybe allergic to some patients. Our expert dental surgeons use lasers that comply with international standards. Safety glasses designed specifically to protect your eyes are provided before the surgery thus giving you an added peace of mind.