Maxillofacial trauma care

Any injury to the face or jaws can be termed as a maxillofacial trauma. These include burns, fracture to jawbone, nasal cavity obstructions etc. Workplace or motor vehicle accidents, sports, penetrating injuries etc are the main causes for facial trauma. Although a facial trauma is not life threatening, it can become severe with profuse bleeding and sometimes causes obstructions in proper breathing. The diagnosis includes evaluating the structure systematically, in case of suspicion; radiography is used to detect underlying fractures that lie beneath the swelling or severe injuries. Another important aspect is that severe brain injury may in most cases. They may also cause long term disfigurement and also affect normal functioning of the nose and jaw and pose serious threat to eyesight as well.

The treatment methods are very complex and consist of repairing and reconstruction of face tissues, air passageway control, reduction of swelling etc. Our skilled surgeons are adept at restoring the jaws and teeth to their normal functioning and retaining your original facial proportions.

The primary concern during the treatment is to make sure that airway is unobstructed and supplemental oxygen is to be given if necessary. Open wounds have to be sutured and dressed up properly. Skin lacerations require stitches so as to stop bleeding and enhance healing. Nasal packing is used to control nose bleeds. Severe problems like fracture of jawbones and missing teeth will have to be treated further. To fill out missing bone portions sometimes bone grafting will have to be done. The ultimate aim of the treatment is to remove any trace of the injuries and to restore the face's natural architecture.