Gum enlargement therapies

Enlargement of gums can take place because of gingivitis or may be drug induced and consequently the gums may appear larger in size in size from time to time.

Gingivectomy refers to the surgical removal of gum tissue or simply it is gum trimming. Gingivoplasty is a special procedure used to reshape healthy gum tissue to better support teeth.

Laser crown lengthening and gingivectomy

It is a surgical procedure performed to expose a greater amount of tooth structure for the purpose of subsequently restoring the tooth to normal health. It ensures that the fillings and crowns have enough support so as to make crowns appear longer, gum tissue and bone are removed. If a tooth breaks at the gum line, crown lengthening will expose more of the tooth. This enables a crown to be placed over the tooth, rather than extracting it and implanting later which is much more complicated. When decay sets in under a filling, crown lengthening procedures may also need to be incorporated to stabilize the tooth. Some people have extra gum tissue; exposing more of each tooth will help make gums look smaller and eliminates what normally called as gummy smiles.

The benefits of using laser are:

  • no cutting or suturing is involved

  • more comfortable than standard gum surgery

  • Less time as compared to traditional surgery