Cast partial dentures

In certain cases, the retention of the denture is complicated hence to keep the denture in place metal clasps which are sturdy in nature are required. Normally such dentures are made up of a plastic like material called acrylic. Cast metals such as gold or alloys with cobalt and chromium as base is used for making the metallic framework. They can be casted very thin and are more resistant to wear and tear. Compared to normal partial dentures these are more superior.

This type of dentures sits perfectly on the teeth and is extremely stable. Slight alteration is made to the teeth alignment prior to placing the denture so that they do not interfere with the free movement of the mouth. The metal framework avoids any contact with the gums and relining is rarely required. The issues of infections, sore spots etc are completely eliminated owing to the fact that the framework or the denture hardly make any kind of forceful contact with the oral tissues.