Esthetic crowns

The standout feature of esthetic crowns is that they are attractive and blend in naturally with the normal teeth. Made out of completely translucent materials they are virtually indistinguishable. These crowns are made by using 3-D technology like CAD/CAM techniques. Esthetic crowns are broadly of two types:

  • Zirconia crowns
    Zirconia is an indestructible crystalline material. It is widely acknowledged for its strength and durability. Also it is known for its high compatibility with the human body. In zirconia crowns, the porcelain coating provides the tooth like appearance and the metal base of zirconia provides the strength. Also minimum amount of preparation is required for placing a zirconia crown hence more part of the tooth can be preserved. The zirconia crown can be treated and cared in the same manner as normal teeth.

  • E-max crowns
    These are made from a single block of lithium disilicate ceramic which is renowned worldwide for durability, toughness and opaqueness. It gives an appealing look to the teeth. They are resistant to wear and tear and never crack.

Esthetic crowns are made from thinner and high quality materials, so the crowns made are very light. It is devoid of problems like allergies, sensitivity to hot or cold foods etc. however they are not that durable like conventional dental crowns and they are costlier.

Nowadays, the revolutionary lava system is used to produce esthetic crowns. Here the presintered or heated zirconia is machined with the help of 3-D CAD/CAM technology to produce ceramic crowns with strong and durable zirconia base. They possess excellent esthetics as well as precise fit characteristics. We use the internationally reputed and branded esthetic products such as LAVABASIC and LAVA PREMIUM of the world famous 3M brand. We use the technology from AMMANGIRBACCH, the international pioneer and leaders in dental equipment manufacture in our laboratories.