Full mouth rehabilitation

When there are lots of complications present in a single case itself, such as chipped and broken teeth are present all over the mouth etc; then the concept of full mouth rehabilitation comes into play. It corrects bite imperfections and enhances the smile. With careful planning and correct sequencing of the treatment it gives a more comfortable and beautiful smile to you. Basically here almost all branches of dentistry such as cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics etc are involved.

It is used for correcting the imperfections in alignment and positioning of the teeth, gums and jaw etc. Here the optimal jaw position is determined using advanced neuromuscular dentistry techniques through computerized scans etc. The jaws are brought to its most comfortable position by special orthotic appliances. These are invisible appliances that build up the patients jaw to its natural position artificially. Once this procedure is over, the bite of the patient is raised or lowered and restored by using porcelain restorations which are strong. The final procedure involves various reconstruction techniques like bridges, implants; crowns etc as per requirement to make your smile even more attractive.

For optimum results, it is often required that the process is to be completed in a single visit itself and we ensure you the same.